Travelling to Saint Vincent this 2020?

Here is the latest update from SVG :

Before travelling, read the first document in the above link

What does this mean for our clients thinking about sailing or taking a holiday in the Grenadines this 2020?

  • You need to get a PCR Test before you depart your country
  • You will have a PCR test on arrival in SVG at the airport
  • You need to book an approved hotel (see the list above) for 5 nights
  • You will get tested again on Day 4 (occasionally this happens on day 5)
  • On the 6th day you can join a yacht and go sailing.
  • You need to email temperatures and contacts daily whilst on charter and should isolate as much as possible in case you get symptoms during your trip, but you can sail around the islands, go ashore and enjoy your holiday.

Flying into St Lucia or Grenada to visit the Grenadines?

If you decided to fly into St Lucia or Grenada and join a boat for your sailing trip, everything above still applies and you will be still subject to the same PCR testing and quarantine requirements above except that if arriving by boat you can quarantine on your boat.

To our understanding of the regulations, you will either need to take a PCR Test in St Lucia or Grenada and then depart the country straight away or take two tests in SVG (one on arrival and one 4 -5 days later). You will be in quarantine for 5 days in St Vincent on board your yacht (you stay on your yacht on a mooring buoy, you can snorkel and swim around it but cant use the dinghy or go ashore).

Testing on arrival in SVG is free arriving by air. If you arrive by yacht where it is $60US/test.

NOTE : Testing stations in St Vincent are generally private and not in the hospitals. If arriving by boat you will be in a private open air hotel facility with very few people. If you are staying in a hotel, the testing will be done at your hotel.

Getting a PCR test to return home can be done on any Grenadine Island and costs $40US. This is easy to arrange and results take 24 – 48 hours.

Ask us if you have any more questions !

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