Explore Remote Greek Anchorages, Island Culture, Crystal Blue Seas and Excellent Hospitality

Sailing in Greece

Enjoy island hopping around the Greek islands

Explore the crystal clear waters of the Greek Islands and choose your destination between the Saronic, Cylades, Ionian Islands, Dodeconese, Small Cylades, Sporades and more! Whether its a historical tour of the cultural sites, following the route of Odyyseus, exploring local fishing villages, enjoying the best climbing, kitesurding, biking or freediving locations or just having a relaxed family holiday – Greece has it all!

Lefkada in the Ionian is our family home. Ask us to help plan your itinerary or suggest the best boats and crews.

The Sailing Area

Set sail from Corfu, Athens, Mykonos or Lefkada. Ask us about other options


Pictures from Our Guests Holidays

Enjoy exploring hundreds of islands in the Aegean, Ionian, Saronic & Cyclades

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